Boy Tuesday!

This boy….

devoured watermelon today and had the face to prove it, wants to wear his bro’s helmet all day long, has figured out how to pedal his tricycle, can play with small legos for an hour very happily, and kissed my whole face tonight and told me he ate me up
This boy…

is getting a ‘tude, fell backwards into the toilet today with his clothes on, which wasn’t funny to him but was to us (we tried not to laugh, I swear!!), is learning how to spell more words every day (egg, car, jet, stop, go, apple, etc), is totally into little legos right now and imaginatory play, and loves to talk about his day for a few minutes with us before drifting to sleep..

I love these boys!


One thought on “Boy Tuesday!

  1. Again – little Samuel is so far ahead of most kids his age! Can't believe he can already spell those words. You're probably doing a better job teaching him than what he would learn in a preschool.


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