I’m Alive!!

I think I have finally shaken this stomach bug and I’m back into the blogging world:) Aside from being sick and having family in town, we’ve also been livin’ up “E Week!” Please let me share!

E is for: (in no particular order:)

Painting the letter E which stands for Earth!

Painting in/with egg cartons! Z is very serious about painting his earth Red!

Excited to have my sissy and her hubby in town!

Extraordinarily alike in many ways!
Adding the letter E to our alphabet wall

E is for Elephant! (see D for Dinosaur that I forgot to post last week:)

E is for Hard-boiled Eggs! A new fav of the boys
Coloring the letter E

E is also for Eggplant (excitedly picked out and reluctantly eaten by the boys), elephants (watched some cute youtube videos of baby elephants), Elmo, the earth, and exhausted, oh wait…I mean, Exuberant Energy!!
We had a great time with my family this weekend. The boys were incredibly excited for them to come (and so was I!) So excited, in fact, that when Samuel woke up to go potty in the middle of the night Friday night (they came after the boys were asleep) he asked me if Aunti K and Uncle Tim were here yet! We watched a movie, went downtown (they’ve never been before), played lots of games, had girl time (yea for girly sister time!), hung out, ate yummy food and played. Samuel was so sad when they left that he cried:( I tried to cheer him up by reminding him that we have more, that’s right, more family coming! Grandma (B’s mom!) is coming this weekend!!
F is for Family!

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