Long Week

Mommy was drained after Wednesday’s trauma, so I racked my brain for an activity to keep the boys occupied in the afternoon so my brain could continue to veg…

The boys had a lot of fun playing, scooping. burying, shoveling, laughing and fighting….
And then last night I went into the boys’ room to tuck them in before I went to bed and help Samuel go potty (to prevent accidents~hence the potty in his room:) and for a second my heart skipped a beat because his bed was empty. And then I saw this……

A closer look..
I have no idea why in the world he was on the floor! He is hanging over my shoulder now, staring at the screen saying, “Mommy, why did I want to get on the floor? Oh, I didn’t know I was on the floor! That is silly!”
This morning while the boys were eating breakfast, they were chatting with each other….
Zakkai: “I saw daddy!”
Samuel: “Where did you see daddy, Zakkai? Oh, I saw daddy, too.”
Mommy: “Where did you see daddy? He already left for work!”
Samuel: “We saw him out the window.”
Zakkai: “He was wearing a green shirt!”
Samuel: “It was a t-shirt. Mommy, is daddy a teenager?”

I have no idea where they hear these things!
Zakkai has said some silly words lately) The classic: “P’sketti” (spaghetti). The mixed up letters: “Tikky Tac” (kitty cat). The adorable: “C’mon little men!” (referring to himself and S). He is such a character!
It’s been a crazy week, full of physical ailments for the Thomas family. We are off to yet another dr’s appt today, for Samuel this time but hoping to get well soon because Ben’s mom is on her way to visit us! Family weekend #3!!

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