F Overload!

Welcome to the “F” edition of Alphabet weeks! I have a fantastic fever of F-filled Fun for you to enjoy:) No fewer than Five Fun F activities were enjoyed by my little fellows. Come see!

Making necklaces out of Fruity Cheerios!! (definitely a hit!)

“I’m working hard, mommy!”

S so proud of his FABULOUS fruity necklace:)

Z frothing at the mouth to enjoy his fruity-licious necklace

Making a stop to the local…..
Fire Department!

Where we feverishly discussed the firefighters and fire engines which we had the unFORtunate pleasure of enountering this week.

Playing Follow the leader up the slide no fewer than 30 times!

Delighting in another Family Weekend, this time with Ben’s Fantastic mother!! We love you!

Grandma frollicking with the grandbabies

And for F’s alphabet page….Zakkai chose “F is for Face!”
And Samuel worked hard on “F is for Frog!”

And we added featherlight F’s to our alphabet wall:)

On top of the above activities, we read books such as “Kitten’s First Full Moon” and “Just Follow Me”, “Puppy Finds a Friend” and “Curious George and the Firefighters.” We talked a lot about how F is for: faces, fingers, fast, family, friends (hello, friends!!), flowers, frogs, fighting, fish, fences, firetrucks, food, fruit, and FUN!!!
Thank you so much faithful followers for reading about our F week!

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