Good evening! Getting a late start tonight after a busy day but here is a look at our week of G’s!!

G is for: Samuel’s Art class with Ms G.! (no I didn’t make that up:)

Making these GREAT Granola Bars! (recipe at bottom)

Taking turns stirring

“Zakkai, you’re not doing it right!” says Samuel the boss

Pouring in already measured ingredients (GREAT way to cook with kids!)

Patting it down…These granola bars are so good!

G is for Getting Dressed!

Mowing the Grass
Spending time with our friend George whom Z called “Curious George”:)

The letter G made with “grapes!”
G is for Giraffe!
Books we read: “Goodnight Moon”, “World’s Greatest Grandma,” Gregory, the Terrible Eater”, “God Gave us You” and “Curious George Takes a Job.”
G is also for: grandmas, grapes, green, grass, gorillas, geese, girls (only one of those in our house:), Gordon the Express engine, green beans and good!
Stay tuned for a photo shoot with the boys:)

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