Photo Op!

A photo shoot of the Thomas boys:) Unprofessionally shot and presented by yours truly, with commentary!

“Samuel, come sit over here so mommy can take your picture. That’s it. Now say, ‘Cheese’!”

“Samuel, please stop sticking your tongue out. I want a nice picture. Please? Oh, Zakkai, you want to come over, too?”

“Samuel. Samuel, let Zakkai come up. And put your tongue away!”

“yeah….let’s try another one…”

“Put your arm around each other. Oh, that’s nice!”

“Look at the camera. The camera! Here, up here!” sigh.
“Samuel, be nice please!”

“Wait! Boys, please? Please! I just want a nice picture of the two of you!”

“Okay, now give each other a five!”

“Okay, well, you can try again..”
“Samuel, look, Zakkai is trying to give you a five!”

“Okay, boys. One more time. Last time, I promise!” No, my fingers aren’t crossed behind my back!

That’s more like it!


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