Lost in Translation

I noticed over these past few weeks, since we have experienced a lot of health fear, financial issues and exhaustion from busyness, that I have felt…kind of lost. I realized last week that I have felt really out of it and kind of detached from real life. It could be that I have really been into some great books lately(!) or just my mind’s way of coping with mental exhaustion.

So you can see why that, coupled with several social evenings last week, has affected my blogging lately. So, if anyone is reading anymore, if I haven’t been great about returning emails or phone calls, please don’t be upset, I am still here! Just picking putting back together the pieces and regrouping. Sometimes we have seasons like that.

We are doing well though. Eating lots of apples and adjusting to the sudden fall temperatures. I went on a walk with the boys before church yesterday and it was so relaxing, early in the morning, to be chatting about squirrels, the chilly air, the flowers, the falling leaves. Life is so simple for children. I envy that.
Speaking of children, I was thinking today about the fact that my children love me SO much in spite of myself. I mean, really, in spite of my impatience sometimes, or my busyness, or my lack of desire to get down and play trains again or not feeling myself…they still love me. They show it when they cry out for me when they get hurt and a quick kiss from me quickly erases pain and tears. Or when Samuel’s face crumples with sadness when I leave for a bit. Or when Zakkai climbs in my lap to have me read him stories over and over. The spontaneous hugs and touches. Their willingness to forgive and forget so quickly. Their bright laughter and sweet kisses.

I am so blessed to be loved.


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