Craftiness and Exercise

Happy Friday! I am thankful that the week is almost over. It was really busy and I am fighting some cold or something, too.


This morning I finished my latest crafty adventure. I say “adventure” because I am always learning and striving to perfect. I’m pretty proud of this one! My friend asked if I would make her special shirts for her two little ones to announce her latest pregnancy to her family. I took on the task and they turned out really well, with only a minor meltdown for me in the making:)

I stitched around the letter’s on the sister shirt in pink.

The little boy’s shirt is stitched in blue!
Aren’t they cute??!! I love how I feel after I finish something like this. It confirms how much I would love to sell crafty things someday and how much pleasure I get out of making them for people.

This is my newest workout dvd!

Another Jillian Michael’s circuit exercise DVD. I must really be crazy! She always looks creepy on the covers of her videos, don’t you think? Sorry, I got off track…

I loved the 30 Day Shred so much and felt like it not only changed how my body looked, but also how I felt about myself. Not to mention, who can’t fit 20 min workouts into their day?!
The workout is longer on this video but you can choose different sections and not do the whole thing. Yesterday I did the warm-up, chose 3 different circuits (Shoulders and Chest, Triceps and Thighs and Lower Body Core, and, Cool down) and finished in about a half an hour. Man, oh, man are my triceps, butt and stomach sore today!
That’s why I love Jillian: I feel like it really works everytime! Too bad she looks so creepy on the covers…
And now I am off to undo my glorious work-out by eating homemade pizza and homemade….oh, wait, I can’t tell you! It’s to share for “I week” later this weekend:)

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