H and I!

Greetings from the home of the sick people! We have now added Zakkai and Ben to our list of sickies:( Whatever this cold/virus is, it’s nasty! I had a terrible sore throat for 5 days before finally going into a nasty head cold today. Hopefully, we will be on the mend soon!

I’m sorry I never posted about “H week.” With so much going on, I couldn’t fit it in and decided to lump it in with I:) I was sure you wouldn’t mind!

H is for:

Hand Painting! These went into their alphabet books.

Hot Chocolate! Z, our chocolate lover, guzzled his lukewarm treat down with gusto but Samuel only took the teensiest sip ever and declared that hot chocolate was not for him. HUH?!

Horse! We saw this mini mama-horse at the apple orchard.

H was also for: Hungry, Helping, Hugs, Hands, Healthy, the song “If You’re Happy and You know it!”, Henry the train, Hello, books: “Snug House, Bug House”, “Happy, Healthy Monsters”, “The Hat” and “Hop on Pop.” (That’s all I can think of from my drugged-snotted brain:)

“I” Week is for:

Painting with Ice Cubes! A wonderful craft given to me by my friend J.
You sprinkle jello powder, any color/flavor, on paper and have the kids “paint” with ice cubes with popsicle sticks in them. At first it didn’t work and the boys kept looking up at me like, “This is supposed to be fun?!” But as soon as the ice started melting, voila! It turned into a really great craft! And a little snack, too:)
Trying really hard to melt his ice…

Ikea! Ah, I love the excuse of alphabet weeks to make fun trips! I let the boys play with the toys for awhile and them treated them to a super cheap Ikea lunch! They had a blast!

Making an ice cream cone craft with Daddy! (closer pic to come)

Homemade Ice Cream! The boys chose peppermint flavor and we added crushed peppermint candies, chopped chocolate chips and some red food coloring. Yummy!

“Can I eat this now, daddy?”

And if your favorite color is red, who wouldn’t love this ice cream?!

I is for Ice Cream Cones!

And last but not least, the Alphabet Wall! The “H” is made out of some paper they painted with their hands and the I is made out of the ice cube craft paper!

“I” is also for: illness (ha!), itchy, ice cubes, S learning how to spell “Ice”, books: “Impatient Ian” and “Guess How Much I Love You” (yeah, I know that’s stretching it but it’s hard to find books with “I” titles!!), interesting, Indiana, and Illinois!
Hopefully, my brain will be clear enough to come up with good ideas for “J” week this week. As always, I’m always up for suggestions!

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