Knock, Knock Jokes and Conversations!

My Big Boys!!

The boys have been so funny lately! It is so fun to listen to them have conversations with each other. Sometimes they are hilarious because they make no sense!

For example: Each meal I let the boys choose which color of dishes they want to eat out of. They have some standard colors that they almost always choose. Samuel likes the pink because it is closest to red and Zakkai likes orange, which is usually his favorite color (unless of course, it is blue:). So a conversation might go like this:
S: “I choose pink! Zakkai can choose orange.”
Z: “No, I choose orange!”
S: “No, I choose pink!”
Z: “I choose orange! Samel gets pink!”
S: “I choose pink and Zakkai gets orange!”

It’s so ridiculous because they are arguing over nothing and are getting exactly the colors that they want!
Or Samuel might try to drive Zakkai (and me!) crazy:
S: “Hey, Zakkai, your name is Zakkaw.
Z: (gets enraged) “NO, Samel! My name is NOT Zakkaw!”
S: (giggling obnoxiously) “Zakkawwwww!”
Z: (on the verge of tears)”Samel! Do not say that! It is ZAKKAI!”
S: (opens his mouth and I cut in and break up the fight)
The end.
Tonight we introduced the concept of knock-knock jokes because “Joke” starts with a J! (J week, people!) Of course most of the jokes we remember from when we were kids go totally over the boys’ heads, especially Zakkai, who was only half paying attention while devouring his dinner.

Remember: “Knock Knock.”
“Who’s there?”
“Banana who?”
“Knock knock.”
“Who’s there?”
“Banana who?” (repeat several times just to annoy)
“Knock knock.”
“Who’s there?”
“Orange who?”
“Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?!!” (you know you’re laughing!)

so we threw out the few knock-knocks that we could remember and then Samuel decided to make up his very own, very first knock-knock joke. Ready?

“Knock knock.” (bright sparkling eyes)
“Who’s there?” (waiting to see what he comes up with..)
“Apple!” (big grin on his face)
“Apple who?” (what’s the punch line going to be?!)
“Um…apple angelina!” (he burst into giggles! Ah, the joy of childhood!)

So this fascinating joke fest at the dinner table led Ben to get out his computer and look up knock knock jokes because he’s like that, you know:) Most of the time, I rolled my eyes because they were l.a.m.e.!!! But then he found one that went like this:
“Knock knock”
“Who’s there?”
“Dot who?”
“Dots for me to know and you to find out!”

Is it weird that we both burst out laughing? Maybe that gives you an idea of our sense of humor:) or lack thereof….


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