A Plethora of Pumpkiny Pictures

The Anatomy of Zakkai getting dressed by himself: Note the big boy underwear!

(This is after I pulled his legs out of his sleeves and helped him get started:)
I’m not sure how this makes it easier…

Cute little tooshie in big boy underwear:) He has peed on the potty 3-4 times since last night! And on the floor twice…
Moving on to Pumpkin Party! We went to a friend, Eli’s, 4th bday party today at a Farm. We started with a Hay Ride….
“Mommy, the sun is in my eyes!”

Some of our friends on the hay ride.

Bright Eyes
The Look says it all….
“That cow is absolutely fascinating.”
Jumping with friends in the blow-up thingy. (For lack of a better word:)

I know the sign said, “Do Not Climb on Pumpkins” but…how can a mom pass up a good photo op?

A Plethora of Pumpkins!The boys got “treasures” from the party. Scary Teeth!

Settling in for an afternoon rest after a busy morning:)

Hey, Pumpkins need baths, too!! (Don’t worry, it got a pre-wipe down first!)

Two highly entertained boys during bathtime.

It was a fun busy day and ended with two extremely tired, happy boys. Zakkai fell asleep sitting up tonight:) Here’s to dreaming of pumpkins!

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