Partial K week and more:)

We did finish “K Week”, I just haven’t found the time to post it yet or upload all the pics! So here are a few from our week last week…

K is for:

Auntie K!!! We love you!


Meet King Samuel

and King Zakkai

Knitted Hats! I let the boys pick out their yarn (Samuel chose red, surprise, surprise!) He also requested ear flaps:) (He had a cut in his nose, that’s why it looks funny)

Zakkai’s favorite color of the week was orange! Appropriate for fall:) Don’t his eyes kind of make him look like a husky in this pic? strange…K was also for: Hershey’s Kisses, Kiwi, Kisses, Kids, Kangaroos, Kites, Kick, books: “Kitten’s First Full Moon”, (hard to find “K” books! I need to go to the library more often!).


I took the boys on an outing for “L week” today and on the way Samuel said to Zakkai, “Someday we’re going to get a bigger car so LOTS of kids can fit in it!” And of course, Zakkai agreed:) So I asked Samuel whose kids these were and he said, “Ours! Two boys and two girls that are twins!”

It’s been a recent thing in the past month or so for him to keep talking about babies and having twin sisters and now that we have a good friend expecting twins, he’ll think it’s possible! Yikes!


I had just finished reading Zakkai his naptime story, he was all tucked in, sucking his little finger and then he exclaimed, “I have to go potty!” What?! I am thinking, “So go in your diaper!” and “Why does he all of the sudden have to go potty right at naptime?” and “Can I just ignore him and maybe he’ll forget he just said that?!”

But no, I decided if he was really going to tell me that, I should take him. So I hoist him out of bed and assume he’s going to sit down on the little green potty but nooooooo, he wants to go on the big potty for the very first time! I get him in the bathroom, get pants down, super-hero underwear down, diaper off, potty seat on the toilet, Zakkai on the potty seat……he unrolls a little bit of toilet paper, grinning happily and says, “I don’t have to go potty.”

Two year olds!!!


Funny pic of this two year old coming tomorrow!


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