Hey hey, We’re the Monkeys..

“And people say we monkey around!” We sure do in this house! See exhibit A….

I found these ginormous bananas at the produce market and thought I would split one between the boys the other morning but…..this little monkey decided he wanted the whole thing! He ate all but the very end:)


There are some busy monkeys in this house! I had to run “school preparation” errands today. We had to get Samuel a uniform. Isn’t that so cute?! He is going to look adorable in his navy blue pants and white collared shirt:) He’s not too sure but I am! He also got a lunch box (and Z had to get one, too) and a red folder. I still can’t get over the fact that my little boy is school age. It struck me that these are my last few days of just being home with both my boys all day. It will only get busier from here on out. What will I do next year when both of them are in school???!!!

Ah! I can’t go there yet!



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