The Carving of the Thomas Pumpkin

Steps to take to ensure you get a nicely carved pumpkin for the fall:

1. Marry a nice, strong, burly man…and have him do the carving for you:)

2. Make sure your adorable children are breathing down his neck and observing his every move…

3. Closer, Children!

4. Have your children do the dirty work and pick pumpkin seeds out of the slimy orange pumpkin guts…(don’t worry, Samuel didn’t fall for that long!)

5. Enjoy perfectly carved pumkin without doing any hard work!

6. Light a candle and place inside to thoroughly delight said children (and okay, yourself, too!)
7. Wash and bake product of children’s hard work and enjoy the nutritional benefits of your carved pumpkin’s seeds! (catch all that?!)

8. Take pictures of whole process and repeat next year.


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