I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday. It feels like it’s next Wednesday. I don’t remember being so tired since….well since I was getting up with a baby in the night! It’s like I had my first week of school, too. And there is still one more day…

Home alone with my baby today. He talks a lot. A. LOT. It was so weird to be with just one. The house was so quiet (except for Z’s chattering). I think he misses me since I have been gone so much with Samuel this week because he tells me, “Mommy, don’t leave me again.” I’ve missed him, too..

Samuel is doing fantastic! Ben took him to school today and left the room right after signing him in and Samuel stayed the WHOLE time as happy as a clam! As soon as he saw Ben at the end of the day, he said, “I didn’t need you today, Daddy!” He’s growing up.

But still so little. Not too old for cars and giraffees and nap pants. Snacks and hugs and oh-so-many kisses. Fights with his brother and making up. Tears when he’s tired and bright smiles in the morning. No, he’s still little. And I will treasure every moment.


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