M Week

It’s about time I write about “M Week!” With all of the recent changes in our household, M week got neglected and turned into two weeks. As Samuel informed me at the end of last week, “You didn’t do a very good job on M week, mommy.” You can always count on him for the truth!

I didn’t take many pictures at all because I only had a few left on the camera so I’ll describe what we did!
M Week was for:
Mice for their Alphabet books! I’m sure you can guess who’s is who’s!

Unbeknownst to me, I was celebrated and presented with a special surprise from Samuel and Daddy last week. M week is for MOMMY!!

See the beautiful fall flowers that my men gave to me!:)

M week is also for: Mugga!! (my mom), a special lunch at McDonald’s (also known as Old MacDonald’s!), music, mirrors, months on the calendar, the song “Three Blind Mice”, Moses in the Bible. Snacks: Milk, mozzarella cheese, milkshakes and a favorite in this house:muffins! Books we read: “Meow”, “Violet’s Music”, “Goodnight Moon”, “Monsters”, “Matthew’s Truck”, “Madeleine’s Christmas” and “Maxi, the Hero.” M is also for monkeys, mountains, mad and mouth!

We have been trying to plan a trip to the Museum for the past two weeks but haven’t been able to fit it in. Neverless, M is for Museum, even if we have to go late!


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