Rockin’ the Boat

I have a question: How in the world does a house get messy SO fast?!!! I have an answer, too. Answer: Three “men” live here!!! (I never mess up the house at all!:)

Sometimes I feel like I just cleaned the house yesterday and it’s time to clean again. Oh wait…that’s probably true! I am totally procrastinating sweeping and mopping right now. Instead of finishing my cleaning tonight, I watched “Biggest Loser”, talked on the phone, checked my email and am half-watching “Jay Leno” while writing here! I’m hoping soon it will be time to go to bed and I can stop pretending to clean:)

Not much else going on. We had a good day today. The boys have been highly amused with a box I brought home from Cosco last week and spend their afternoons together pretending they are in a boat in the water trying to stay away from the Alligator (a.k.a. Daddy!!). It reminds me of my very favorite book written by my great-aunt: “Christina Katerina and the Box!”

Ah the joys and simplicities of childhood! Maybe I should teach my boys a new game called “Let’s Mop the Floor!” What do you think?!


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