Noodle Doodle

N Week! I finally emptied my camera so I can take more pics but still don’t have a lot for this week. Oh well, you can use your imagination!

N is for: New bedding! Just a sneak peak with an adorable 2 year old on top:)

N is for Noodles!
N is for Noah’s Ark!
N is also for favorite Neighbors! See boys dancing with their buddy “Miss A”


N is also for: Noses, Nest, Nighttime (we talked about that a lot since it’s so dark so early these days!), Neighborhood, Necklace, Newspaper, Noise, Nature, Naps and Numbers. We read “Night Cat”, “Night in the Country”, “Night Worker”, and a few others that I’m blanking out on… We listened to the “Nutcracker” which is one of my absolute favorite classical CD’s but one that Samuel insisted he did not like:) Food: Noodles and nuts.

I got some great suggestions from my friend for O week but will welcome any more!!


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