The Box Car Children!

One of my very FAVORITE series of books growing up was…The Boxcar Children. I could wait to see what kind of mystery Henry, Jessie, Violet and Benny were going to solve next. There was something so fascinating and compelling about living in a boxcar and cooking wild apple pies with hunks of cheese as a side. Wait, you don’t remember that? Grandfather Alden? Benny’s cracked pink cup? Watch the dog?

Maybe I should keep my memories to myself…..ahem.

Moving on. The boys were so enthralled with the big box I brought home a few weeks ago, playing with it until it was in tatters, that I made a stop at Cosco yesterday just to get boxes for them. Of course I came home with milk, eggs, fruit and animal crackers, too, but that’s beside the point!

The point is: 2 children, 2 boxes, 2 hours of peace and stress-free entertainment.

The boxes lined up and ready to go. Boys? Boys, where are you?

Oh, there you are! “Mommy, can we sleep in here tonight?”

“Yeah, mommy! Can we sleep in here tonight?” Um….right. And what will happen when you tell your teachers at school that you slept in a box last night?

Two little boys driving two little boxes and using two big imaginations. A world of endless possibilities!!


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