O week!

I can’t believe we’re already on “O Week!” It’s a little harder to do activities now that most of our week is filled up with preschool but we still manage to do little things. Here’s what we came up with for this past week:

O is for:

Decorating Ornaments! Spotted these 99 cent babies at one of my favorite stores (hello, JoAnn’s!) Amazingly and surprisingly, Samuel got a train ornament…or not:) He worked very carefully to color it! Zakkai went for the multi-colored look..

O is for Owls! We did an activity cutting and glueing animals that were either Daytime Animals or Nighttime animals, including owls. Z is working very hard to glue:)

Samuel coloring diligently his animals, all in red!
Owls! Their alphabet books now sport owls. Samuel, having a strange stubborn gene that did not come from me, refused to color his owl. Zakkai quickly abandoned his coloring in favor of cutting everything in site with scissors!

Their Animal craft!

O was also for: Oranges that we gobbled up for snack, Opposites (we worked hard to try and understand these), the color Orange, orangutans, books: “Owl Babies”, “Owen”, “One Duck Stuck”, “One jar of Oil”, “On our way to Sesame Street” and we say, “Marching One by One” (I totally made up that title; I have no idea what the real title is!)
I am happy that P week coincides with several Thanksgivingy (I made that one up, too:) items! We are looking forward to seeing our family this week! What are your plans?

One thought on “O week!

  1. You never cease to amaze me with all the projects you do with your kids. You must have about 100 times more patience than I do!

    Well, we're here with no guests for Thanksgiving (Insoo's preaching this weekend) SO…if you have any spare time (I know that's a long shot!) I'd LOVE to see you 🙂


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