First Pictures

You might remember my recent “mishap” with our camera. Sniff. It’s still sitting on my desk, waiting to be laid to rest. I haven’t the courage to do it yet….But in the meantime, I am gathering items in my house to sell (I’ve promised Ben I will leave the couch:) to pay for this:

Our new Nikon Coolpix! There was a really good deal on Black Friday and my sis was kind enough to share a coupon so we decided to take the plunge and get a camera. How can I just stop taking pics of my adorable children, I ask you?! I’ve heard good things about this camera and am anxious to prove them true.

My first pictures with Mr. Coolpix:

“Mommy, what is that red camera?! Take another picture!”

“Me, beautiful? Nah, get out of here! But let me see that picture on your way out…”

Two boys in their “rocket ship” which just happens to be my exercise mat. Who knew when they marketed this plush exercise mat that it could also be used as a child’s toy? Genius!

I am trying to figure out this camera. It seems pretty simple, in fact, much simpler than our fallen camera and far cheaper, too!
In other news, Samuel took his very first field trip today! I don’t tell him about big upcoming events that may be hard for him too far in advance so he won’t be too anxious. I waited until this later this weekend, or possibly on the way to school Monday, to tell him that he would be taking a field trip today. He immediately did not want to go on this unknown evil trip. That feeling was dramatically supported when he spotted the big yellow bus this morning. I got him out of the car and he burst into tears:(

He calmed down when we got up to his classroom, where it was chaotic with rushed parents, confused children and a gaggle of brown lunch bags. After he had signed in and used the bathroom, I knelt down to do our usual goodbye routine and saw that his face looked….terrified. Tears were streaming down his face, his lip was trembling and he threw himself into my arms. I kept trying to reassure him how much fun he was going to have, all to no avail. Thankfully, one of his teachers saw what was happening across the room and took the time, through all the chaos, to come and comfort him. She told me I could stay for a little bit (I wasn’t allowed to go on the field trip b/c I don’t have a TB test on file yet!) and read him a book and walk him out to the bus.

We read a book about cute little school buses and waited for all to settle down. The two teachers, the aide and several parent volunteers each had groups of about 3 kids to chaperone the whole time. His sweet teacher, Mrs. Torres, switched Samuel to her group so she could take care of him. I really appreciated that!

I walked with them out to the bus and he gave me kisses, sobbing the whole time. I kept trying to show no sadness or anxiety so he wouldn’t pick up on anything but tried to reassure him instead. It will be hard to forget that sweet boy wetting my cheeks with his tears and saying through his sobs, “I’ll see you later. I love you, Mommy.”

His teacher led him up the stairs and down the aisle of the bus as he was crying. I walked along outside, with Zakkai and blew him some kisses. When he got settled in his seat, I mouthed out that I loved him and he was going to be okay. His other teacher, Mrs Darby, saw what was going on and called out, “He’s going to be okay. We’re going to take good care of him. Don’t worry!”

I started crying when I walked away because it was so incredibly hard to leave him, scared and sad in the hands of someone else. I knew I had to trust them with my precious boy and even more, trust that God would be watching over him.

And lo and behold, when he climbed off that bus 3 hours later, there was a smile on his face! He had a good time at the Children’s Museum, playing with boats in the water, making a craft and looking at dinosaur bones:)

He’s not quite ready to talk about next week’s field trip though….


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