Pass the P’s, Please!

We may have been busy traveling for Thanksgiving and nursing sick children, but we have had a little time for alphabet week! I decided with all of the Thomas-mayhem going on, I would make P week 2….or possibly 3 weeks long:) I’ve had more important things to concentrate on!

We have been able to do lots of P things, some with pics, some without but we haven’t had the time or really, the health to do crafts. Hopefully the little ones will be recovered enough this weekend to add to their alphabet books and wall!

For now: P is for:

Puzzles!! I got in a puzzle mood after Thankgiving and passed on that delightful urging to my husband… In the past 6 days, we have completed 3 puzzles! This is the puzzle I bought last week by Charles Wysocki.

Puzzle #2: Working on our puzzle in our PAJAMAS!! This was the day Samuel started feeling like himself and Zakkai started feeling like..poop!

A close up of #2, one of my favorites! It is little elves making toys and everything in the puzzle is made out of a different object! Ex. The table has Nutty Bar legs, the box on the floor with red piping is made out of triscuits, the chimney is walnuts, etc.
Puzzle #3: Another Charles Wysocki, “Cat in the Suitcase!” I must give just over half of the credit to my hubby:)
Homemade Playdough! While Samuel was taking one of his few sick naps on Friday, Zakkai and I made blue playdough! And what is better than Tigger playing with playdough? 🙂

And probably my newest very favorite P: An early Christmas gift arrived today….New Pots and Pans!!! Here is my sad little helper, who hasn’t smiled since Sat or Sun, organizing our new pots. “Mommy,” he said, “Are these mine?”
Taking a picture of my very shiny, stainless steel pots!! So shiny that you can’t even see the pot:)

P has also been for: Pumpkin Pie! (I am not a huge fan of pumpkin pie, however, I wanted my boys to taste it and I had a very strange hankering for some…), Pumpkin Waffles, Pumpkin Soup (It was very interesting), Pajamas (we spent lots of time in them over the weekend!), Playing, Puzzles for the boys, too (Ben’s mom bought the boys puzzles for P week!), and many many P books: “The Runaway Pumpkin”, “Pumpkin Day”, “Pizza at Sally’s”, “The Polar Express”, “Pete’s Dragon”, “Pickin’ Peas” and more!
We are hanging in there, still trying to “recover” our poor little Z, who is now fighting a cold on top of everything else! Poor little man cannot catch a break! I am incredibly thankful for last night, though. I was very anxious about how the night would go since the worst of croup strikes in the middle of the night. I had so many people, family and friends, call yesterday to tell me they were praying for him and I COULD TELL! He slept so peacefully for 13 1/2 hours last night! Poor Samuel, on the other hand, was up coughing the entire night. I kept thinking it was Z, so I would run in there to find him laying still and calmly and find poor Samuel hacking away. I just felt peace surrounding Zakkai last night and it cannot be explained by anything else than God watching over him. I am praying for another night like that tonight..for both of them!

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