Hang Your Stockings by the Chimney with Care

Does the radiator count in place of the chimney? Thinking of hanging my stockings there…..:)
I finally finished at least one of my Christmas projects! Now I only have a few gifts to make…by next week before we leave…goodness, I’d better get started!

Our new stockings are to replace the old ones I made that turned out a little smaller than I expected and could only practically fit a couple pencils or toothbrushes in them:) Think I did better this time! The stocking part is made of a soft white flannel material and the tops are basic cotton fabrics. I painted on the designs.

In birth order:)

Ben’s, as you can see, is a Christmas tree that just may be leaning slightly to the right. We can call it a Charlie Brown tree! Mine is an angel holding some wands with a moon, heart and stars.

Samuel asked me for a red train with sparkly gray smoke! The pictures aren’t clear because I was at a weird angle but the train is red and green. Zakkai’s is a dinosaur! The boys are very happy with them:)

I am hoping to continue the stocking tradition that I grew up with: We would wake up on Christmas morning and our stockings, heavy with little goodies, would be laid on the ends of our beds! When we got older and there was the possibility of waking us up, they would be right outside our bedroom doors. It was the best thing in the world to wake up and since I was usually sharing a room with my younger sis, hurriedly look to the ends of our beds or sneak open our doors. We would sit on our beds and compare our loot! Usually the “loot” consisted of fun little things like toothbrushes, hairbands, candy, chapstick, etc and one “bigger” gift like a book of lifesavers or something. Then we would steal to our next oldest sister’s room to see if she was up and had looked through her stocking yet. We were afraid to go into our oldest sisters’ room because they were scary to wake up:) Come to think of it…all of my sisters are scary to wake up! Just kidding, K!

Anyways, I would love to do this with my boys but my problem is, we are never in our own home for Christmas since we always travel! I suppose for now our stockings can travel with us. Now what to put in a little boy’s stocking since I can’t put in all the girlie things I grew up with?!!


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