Lemon Cake

The boys begged for a taste of lemon cake tonight after their dinner. And, being the soft-hearted mommy that I am, I indulged them:) Samuel brought his fork of tart yellow goodness to his lips immediately and smiled in ecstasy. Zakkai? Watched for the cake eagerly until it was set before him. Then, true to 2 year old fashion, promptly burst into tears and claimed insistently that he did NOT want or like lemon cake, thank you very much!

We chose to ignore him.

“I don’t like lemon cake and I never liked lemon cake! I will not eat lemon cake ever!”

“Maybe I’ll take one bite….”

“Hmm…maybe I’d better take another bite just to be sure but I think…this might..not…be..too..bad..”
“Well, I don’t know if this bite was big enough! Maybe just another teensy taste…”
“Well, you see, I’m just not sure if lemon cake is something I really like so I have to just try one more piece just to be sure..”

“Boy! It’s gone already? Who ate it?”

“I suppose it was a’right.”

“More tomorrow?”


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