Getting Older..

Dear Samuel,
I know you are getting older because:

*I can rarely take a picture of you with a genuine smile these days. It’s usually a very cheesy grin but adorable nonetheless!

*You like to tease us all the time now, whereas before you didn’t understand teasing and it made you sad

*You can hold such normal “adult-like” conversations with us. It’s so fun to ask you about your day and find out what you are thinking about life!

*You are getting so tall and slim. I look at you from afar and can hardly believe that you were once a little butterball with peach fuzz that I held in my arms.

*You get irritated with me when I don’t hear you right the first time and have no bones about expressing your frustration over things. I have to remind you how to slow down and teach you about patience.

*You are handling changes in your routines so much easier than when you were younger. We are amazed at the confidence we are beginning to see in you and hope it continues to grow!

*You are more willing to try “yucky” foods or at least give in a little more graciously:) You still hate peas and corn though..

*You really get things when we explain them to you and soak in the information to talk about later. Your memory amazes me!

*You like to remind Daddy and me when we forget things or aren’t doing things the “right” way. You are pretty sure you know what’s best and we have to remind you who’s boss!

*And speaking of “boss”, you’re getting pretty bossy towards Zakkai! But I’m pretty sure it’s an older brother thing and he can hold his own anyways:)

I can’t wait to get to know you more and more as you grow and change. You are an amazing little person. But I still treasure those things in you that remind me that you’re only 4. I love you!

Dear Zakkai,
I know you’re getting older because:

*You just started calling Samuel “Samuel” in this past week instead of “Samel.” It makes me sad to hear it but I knew you were going to do it sometime…

*You are also getting tall. I looked at you today and couldn’t believe how long your legs are getting. I can see your little slim neck coming out more, although you still have the cutest, softest little belly ever!

*You are getting such a good memory! It’s really fun to build on your memories and have conversations with you. You remember some really little details, too!

*You are really trying to discern the passing of time. You are really trying to understand and convey “yesterday”, “this morning”, “last night, “last week!” But for now, everything happened “last night” even if it was just this morning:)

*You are getting so close to being three and heading towards acting like one instead of a two year old. You still love to tell me “No” and awful lot, though!

*You really spend some time reading books and even drop little phrases into your vocabulary from books we read together, even if it doesn’t make sense!

*You are really adding more adjectives and descriptive verbs into your vocabulary, too. Today you ran up to me with the happiest look on your face and told me that you “just scared me silently.” “Silently” is probably your favorite descriptive word right now!

*You really don’t want to be potty trained. You were excited a couple of months ago but probably because it was new. Now you realized you’ll have to do some work so you’ve decided it’s not so cool after all. We’ll see who wins this battle..

But even though I see these subtle changes taking place in you, I am also storing up in my heart all of those sweet, ornery little 2 year old things that you still do and say. I love you!


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