Ringing in the New Year

Happy New Year! We spent a very quiet, lovely evening together. We feasted on honey glazed ham, roasted potatoes and green beans (from Mugga’s garden). The boys loved the meal and enjoyed seconds of everything! Ben and I treated ourselves to an AMAZING dessert later that Ben himself made. (I know!)

Meet Ben’s dessert:

Oh? You want another peek?

All I have to say is it tastes even better than it looks! We shall call it “Ice Cream Delight.” 🙂 I just might share the recipe if you ask nicely…

And after trundling our full (but not too full) bellies off to bed at midnight, we woke up to begin the first adventure of 2010. Potty training Zakkai. Joy.

I knew potty training him was going to be different from Samuel who decided one evening to go potty and never looked back again.. Which is why I put it off. Even when he was telling me as he peed in his diaper that he was peeing, I turned a blind eye and a deaf ear. He’s got plenty of time, I told myself! He’s only 2…and a half….or three quarters to be truthful…

He seemed so very excited about the prospect of new underwear and burning the diapers and all that. Trickery, I tell you!

It is only 2pm and he has peed through 4 pairs of underwear and pooped in one, too. Didn’t faze him a bit. He has peed on the floor (thankfully not the rugs!) 4 times. We have gotten to see more of his cute, chubby little tush than we wanted to see today. Well, it is pretty cute…

Barely over halfway through the day and I’m ready to call it quits! More Ice Cream Delight anyone?


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