Snowy Day

Since Chicago Public Schools never, ever, ever, ever, ever close (ever!) and the weather was so bad this morning, we decided to take a “personal snow day.” šŸ™‚ Samuel was very sad over not making it to preschool but I’m sure that he will thank me someday for not risking his safety. Someday.

What to do with two cooped up little boys on a snow day? First, I should mention that I was b.o.r.e.d out of my mind today! I don’t know why, I just did practically nothing all day now that I look back…:) Well, I did clean …and feed the children…and get dressed…and workout…and…..but still…not much going on today:) The boys entertained themselves with one of their newest favorite activities which is wiping down every surface of the house with wipes. Hey, I get dusty things cleaned and they are highly entertained! Scores an A+ in my book! Except when they tried to wipe down the piano and the couch….but still!

They also sequestered themselves inside their closet with flashlights for a long time. Did some jumping off furniture (I nipped that one quickly!) and claimed they had no toys to play with. (seriously??!)

I finally pulled together my mommy-act and made their dreams come true with a milk and graham cracker snack (it doesn’t take much to make them happy) and some painting!

As you can see, it’s much more entertaining to paint your hands than it is the paper…

“Look, mommy, I made brown! Isn’t it such a pretty color??”


There was paint on the floor, on Z’s face, all over their shirts (which are painting shirts anyways:) and some on the paper, too. They were quite happy with their masterpieces.

And I have more decorations for my walls. A win-win situation:)


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