The Chair

I’ve only just realized that I have a sickness. Oh, not a cold or the flu. More of a hereditary sickness, if you will. Well…to be honest, I’ve know about the genes for awhile now. The tendency to put ketchup in the cabinets and scissors in the refrigerator. The accidental buying of jar after jar of mustard each trip to the store, thinking you are all out at home….The list could go on and on. I knew it was coming and my confirmation was yesterday.

Yesterday I spotted this:

I was driving Samuel to school and circling around the block to find a parking space (the hassle of one way streets!). I spotted this chair sitting forlornly on the side of the road by a trash can and immediately saw it’s potential beauty. I was so embarassed, as this is quite out of character for me, but I circled around the block again just to have another look. This time I was brave enough to get out and touch it and see if it was a piece of junk or something worth having.

Samuel was enthralled with the idea of taking the abandoned chair and encouraged me to take it. All I could think of was my mom and the many items of furniture that were taken from curbsides that now grace her home, repainted and re-upholstered.

I sped off and told Samuel that if the chair was still there when I picked him up, we would go get it. And to my surprise, immediately after dropping him off, I just “happened” to drive down that street again (truly, it was against my will) and decided that I just had to have it. I looked furtively around to make sure no one was watching out the windows, ready to report me, and brushed off the snow. I lugged the extremely heavy solid chair over to my trunk, only to find that it didn’t fit quite as easily as I thought it would. I thought for sure I was going to have to abandon my crazy idea and race away, never to show my face again!

But it worked! I squeezed it in and sped away, giggling and called my mom to tell her that I am crazy honored to be just like her:) Can’t you just see how darling it’s going to be once I’ve sanded off all the lead paint and splinters and painted it or stained it? Really, you don’t think I’m too crazy, do you? Do you?

Of course, Samuel thinks we ought to make it a chair of many colors like Joseph’s coat and paint it green, blue, pink, red, yellow, purple and orange. Not quite what I had in mind when I spotted the snow covered chair that beckoned my name. I’m thinking white or stained a nice wood color and adorning it with homemade cushions and pillows. A chair for my craft table!

Ah, to see the beauty in the little things…


4 thoughts on “The Chair

  1. Heidi, Welcome to the club! Your find is a treasure for sure!! I can see it all finished and you crafting in that wonderful chair only if you can keep Ben away from it when he see's how good it looks. I had Brenna and Molly join me as I read your account and we all laughed with you as you discovered the treasure hunter in you! I am just so proud of you!! I also want to tell you that you are a gifted writer and should submit that story to a magazine. It is fantastic!! Love you, Aunt Judy


  2. You make me laugh! Remember when we found all kinds of garage sale finds that we used to fill up our cute Arlington apartment? Those were good times.


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