More Sickness

This poor little man woke up with a nasty stomach flu today:( He started waking up around 3:30am and at first it was a bad dream…then a bathroom trip…then complaining of a terrible headache. Within 2 hours he was throwing up and did not stop for almost SIX hours! I tell you, that is the absolute worst thing ever to watch your child dry heaving for hours. He would yell at me in between vomiting, “I….don’t……..this!!!” He broke my heart to smithereens today. Of course, I know that will probably happen many times over the years with these two. He threw up SO much and so hard that he actually broke little blood vessels all over his face. I thought he was just messy and tried to wipe them off:(

He perked up quite a bit this afternoon and told me he was fine. I didn’t buy a word of it and it’s a good thing, too, because within an hour and a half or so, he was back on the couch, as pale as a ghost, clutching his head and looking terrible. He ate a tiny piece of a banana, about 3 noodles and declared he was ready for bed:( I’m hoping he wakes up feeling good tomorrow!
Samuel was out on the couch with me this morning when Zakkai woke up. All of the sudden we heard, “Samuel! Samuel, where aaaaaarrrrre you?” He was very concerned about Samuel! Later in the morning at breakfast, he was jabbering away (as he does for 96% of the day) and he said, “And then my bruvver was gone! I woke up and I couldn’t find him anywhere. He was tucked in his bed last night but then my bruvver disappeared! He was gone!” Ah, this child makes me laugh sometimes! Okay…most of the time. Well, except when he colors on my walls with markers, opens and closes all the doors in the house 112 times a day and pees on the floor. Other than those things, I smile a lot:)

Zakkai declared yesterday afternoon, after studying a picture of Buzz Lightyear carefully, that when he grows up, he wants to be an astronaut! Samuel heard us talking about it but didn’t comment on it for about 15 minutes. Then all of the sudden he said, “If Zakkai is going to be an astronaut, will he come back again?” Which led to a discussion of what astronauts do in space and how they get back to earth again. After which, Zakkai declared he didn’t want to be an astronaut anymore and Samuel decided that he will be a professor who works from home and doesn’t have to go to school. I am afraid for their futures. Mine actually. I think they might live here forever.

I need some chocolate.


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