Art and Dreams

Last weekend for Sister’s Weekend, we went to the Art Institute. It was my first trip there, even after having lived here for 4 1/2 years! It’s not that I don’t like art or appreciate it; I guess I’ve just always had this image of people sitting in a museum or art gallery, musing over paintings and always trying to find some hidden deeper meaning over a picture of a black dot on a red surface or something. Call me crazy if you want!

For me it’s more black and white (no pun intended!). Do I connect with this picture in some way? Do I like it, the colors, the content or not? But I must say, I really enjoyed our trip there and would love to go back again! It was pretty cool to be surrounded by Monets and Renoirs and a lot of other artists that I didn’t even know about! This following Monet painting was one of my favorites:

When I looked at this picture, not only did I really love the vibrant colors (which are much more vibrant in person!) and the blues and greens but the whole setting. I saw it and I thought “Europe. My dream. Castle or village by the sea. Peaceful. I want to go there!” It was a painting I could actually see myself sitting nearby and staring at for awhile and dreaming about. If there had been a bench nearby, that is:)

Someday I want to go somewhere like this. Wherever it is. And I want to hold on to my dream even if it doesn’t happen for awhile. Someday I’ll show you a picture like this except it will be me standing by the sea, maybe in Ireland, with a cottage in the backround. And I’ll have a big smile on my face and a peaceful expression.



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