Remember a really long time ago before Thanksgiving, H1N1, Christmas, New Year’s, the stomach flu, pink-eye and gum graft surgery, when we used to do the alphabet each week? Yeah, I barely do, too…

I finally got my act together enough to get caught up so we can start again! Without further ado, here’s the left over crafts from P and Q!

Zakkai’s P is for Pumpkin!

And his Q is for Quilt! Like the one mommy may never finish…

Samuel’s P is for Pears!

And a red Quilt for Q!

The alphabet wall is still going strong:)
Q is also for: Quick, Quack, Queen and the one book I found at the library called, “The Patchwork Quilt.”

Q may have been a lame week and I can think of a whole lotta excuses why but here’s to hoping for a Rockin’ R week! Bring on the ideas!!
And p.s. Everytime you guys comment, it makes my day!!!

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