Snow Day!!

“Snow Day” here in Chicago doesn’t mean a day off of school, a level 2 or 3 emergency or even a delay anywhere! A Snow day merely refers to a day where there is lots of snow to play in! It may be hazardous, it may be life-threatening, it may have shut down 92 other cities in the midwest but not here! Noooooo…we are made of sterner stuff! It would take….it would take a, well it would take something pretty big to shut us down!

Today we decided to take full advantage of our snow to play! I admit my greater purpose may or may not have been to wear out two certain little boys I know. But I will only admit that one time! Ahem!

Without further ado, I give you what Zakkai called, “A Great Snow Day!!”

“Mommy, this is SO fun!!”

The Very busy snow…player

“Energy!! I can get my energy out!! Say, mommy, that wasn’t what you were going for, was it?”

The sad little man who got some snow in his face.

But never fear! He was back at it again 3.4 seconds later!!

Playing with their best buddy, A!

Snow everywhere!!!

What to do next…

The Pow Wow of the great Snow Committee of 2010.

We’re going out again tomorrow!

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