Wii Party!

We are a wii bit tired this morning after our “wild” party last night!:) We had a lot of fun celebrating Ben’s bday with some housegroup friends! The party really got going when we put on the “Let’s Dance” game and, with the help of 2 extra controllers lent to us by our friend, we had 3 people dancing to hilarious tunes at a time!

Ben really enjoyed having a party since he usually doesn’t get one, being that his bday is on Valentine’s Day! Here are a few pics (don’t worry housegroup friends, I chose the least embarrassing ones….although, I could….:)

The snack table! Veggies and dip, candied pecans (which were rahther good if I don’t say so myself!), fruit with chocolate dip and bbq’d l’il smokies.. the bread was still in the oven
The before drink station…boring with just water and juice:) Some friends very kindly brought an assortment of drinks when they came!

A close up of the heart dishes:)

The Party Cheese bread which was yummy! I snagged a piece after everyone left and, though it took awhile to eat since my mouth is handicapped, I thought it was yummo! My, how I have missed bread!

Ben handing off the wii remote to the next victim!

Two lovely ladies and friends:)

The birthday boy! Er, man:)

A rousing game of Yuker. There was also a game of BS going on, too!

We had some ice cream cake (remember this??) that went over well with people and sang happy birthday and made Ben blow out some candles:)
Ben had such a great time with our friends and so did I! Thank you for coming to celebrate with us! I’m going to have to get permission to post one of the wii videos. It’s hilarious!!

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