Wii Little Monsters

I have always wanted to have black and white pictures on my walls and finally was able to put something together! Here is a picture I took of it! The only problem is…the pictures look sepia and the walls look yellow! Hmm…neither is true but you get the idea!!

The boys really like to look at their pictures:)


Speaking of the boys (and I do often!), they crushed Ben and I in Wii Bowling! We thought for sure we had the game in the bag considering we are quite a bit more experienced than they are! But….we had to concede defeat…to a 4 1/2 year old and almost 3 year old! Our heads hang in shame.

Here is the proof! I promise Samuel was excited:)

And these ornery, wii-playing monsters have been up to NO good lately! Yesterday morning, Ben came in their room at 6:30am and found the boys playing with our digital camera. Not only that, but Z had taken off his diaper and was standing there naked taking shot after shot of absolutely nothing in their dark room.

I later erased about 55 pictures of pitch black, 4 pictures of creepy eyeballs and the other 11 were of bright whiteness. A grand total of 71 pictures these little miscreants took on their secret mission!

They got into trouble.

Hopefully they will think twice before sneaking the camera again.

Although the eyeball pictures were pretty funny.

Just don’t tell them I said that.


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