Chicago Auto Show 2010!

You know what’s weird? I had no idea that I didn’t blog yesterday! When I got on today and saw that Monday was the last time I posted, I was like, “Wait, what day is it?!” Yeah….

Anyhoo…Ben got tickets to the Chicago Auto show for his bday from some friends (thank you!!) and we, and some good friends of ours, went to see it yesterday afternoon! Here are just a few pics:) With narration, of course!

The Auto Show

“This is GREAT!”
“Ready to do some shopping:)”

The boys first “ride” of the show! Nice convertible!

We saw everything from right side up cars…to upside down cars….

To sideways cars….

We saw giant cars like the F750 (Zakkai SOOO wants this one…)

To teeeny tiny cars like the Smartcar (modeled generously by Mr. Josh!)

Yes, a perfect fit for your average 6ft 5(?) inch friend!

And…the boys very first ride in a BMW!

Don’t get too comfortable in there boys! Boys?

The boys took their own rides in a police car!

Ready, set, go!!

And…Samuel bailed after being repeatedly bashed by a tailer, a very aggressive 4 year old girl in a fast pink jeep:) So it was up to Zakkai to take over!

And, are you ready for this? My personal favorite of the auto show and a car I have been dreaming of since….

Oh yes, I have crossed over to the other side. I give you…The Honda Odyssey 2010. Further details are available upon request:)

Wiping drool now and moving on. Zakkai taking a ride with his favorite buddy!

One Happy almost 3 year old boy!

Miss D and Mr Josh taking a snooze on the new Toyota Sienna reclining seats. Oh yes, minivans are moving up in the world. Such lovely models!
Samuel and Daddy checking the seats out!
“Just checkin’ out a car magazine, mommy. Hey, can we get one of these? I’ll take….a red one.”

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