Happy Birthday, Zakkai!!

Can it already be 3 years since you were born? Time is flying by and I can’t slow it down even though I wish I could. You were a tiny, adorable little boy with a full head of dark hair and an amazing set of lungs…and now you are a spunky 3 year old old who talks non-stop and captures my heart with your big blue eyes and blond head!

February 2007~5 days old

February 2010~almost 3 years old!
All About You:

*Your favorite color alternates between orange and blue, depending on how you feel that day! Sometimes it’s even Red, just to annoy Samuel:)
*You talk ALL the time! You have to talk about every little thing that you see or anything in your little head. Sometimes you make no sense but you say it anyways just to make us laugh!
*You are incredibly observant and notice so many things going on around you. Especially if it has to do with lights! You are absolutely obsessed with lights and made a point to tell everyone how many lights were burned out on their Christmas trees this year:)
*You are as in love with your Rays as you were when you were a baby. They comfort you and you still look so little and sweet when you snuggle with them and suck your little finger.
*You are resistant to potty training, although you don’t want to wear diapers anymore! It’s very confusing:) Someday we hope you will be potty trained!
*You are starting to really use your imagination when playing with toys. It’s really fun to listen to you make up little stories and play with Samuel.
*You are ALL boy!!!
*You really love to read books and come by that honestly!
*You charm everyone you meet with your outgoing personality and funny faces and words!
*You tell me you are a “big boy” now and don’t want to be carried too much anymore to bed or anywhere. It makes me sad but I know it’s just what you are supposed to be doing.
*You adore chocolate! You have requested a chocolate cake for your bday and I’m about to make it right now!
*You say you want to be an astronaut, a pirate ship captain or a monster when you grow up:)
*You love music and love playing daddy’s guitar and mommy’s piano! You tell me to turn up the radio in the car so you can hear the music.
*You bring us incredible joy everyday and we love you with all of our hearts! Happy Birthday, little man!

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