Birthday Celebration

Even though our new little 3 year old was a sick, snotty, juicy, miserable mess yesterday (and there’s no exaggeration here!), we tried to do a few things to celebrate with him. We debated for far too long about where to go, thinking to spend the morning at a museum or something, before we realized the child was in no condition to go out for hours!

We ended up taking him out to brunch for a little bit. He perked up after a dose of tylenol and a little food. He is in such a contradictory stage these days. He said he wanted pancakes, then asked for oatmeal (“are you sure you want the oatmeal? “Yes!”) and when the oatmeal was placed in front of him, got all teary and asked where his pancakes were! Sigh. He ate 1/3 of my omelet and some fruit:) Then we came home for a nice long nap.

Poor little man with pink eye and nasty croup virus. This was one of about 3 smiles yesterday!

Birthday, smirthday!

Opening a few presents after nap perked him up!

His favorite gift so far! A guitar from mommy and daddy:)

He said, “A kintar?! For me? Just for me?!”

And his requested chocolate cake! Using the m&m’s from the failed potty training bribery attempt:)

It was a very dense, rich chocolatey cake!

It met with high approvals from the birthday boy. He pretty much ignored most food attempt yesterday (and today) so he had plenty of room for chocolate cake:)

The belly full of chocolate:)

Poor Samuel has now gotten Zakkai’s nasty germs and is following in his footsteps with a nasty cough and hoarse voice. I don’t expect him to get croup tonight because I think he maybe only had it once as a baby (or that could’ve been Zakkai…) and I am praying he does not get pink-eye!

Hopefully the boys will get some rest tonight. Zakkai has already been up 3 times crying with terrible coughing fits and it’s only 9:30pm. At least we got a couple weeks of health, right?!
Right. Come, spring, come!!

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