Sickies and R Week

This little heap of misery had a very rough night and day:( He was up literally all night coughing. Doze and cough. Doze, cough and cry. Doze and cough. And cry.

He was so pathetic this morning and fell asleep on the floor at 10:45 am and slept for 3 1/2 hours! You know when this ball of energy who talks non-stop, is too busy to stop and potty train and eats more than me..doesn’t eat, doesn’t talk, cries and falls asleep on the floor, he is sick! Poor baby. I’m hoping for a better day tomorrow.

R Week!

R is for:

Rainbow Noodles! A quick and very fun activity shared with me by my good friend! All you need is a box of noodles, a couple tablespoons of rubbing alcohol and food coloring!
Add the rubbing alcohol and shake to coat all noodles; add food coloring of child’s choice and let them shake!

I laid the noodles out on paper towels on the heater and they were dry within minutes! Ready for fun!

The boys could not wait to wake up the next morning and play with the noodles again!

Scoop and pour. Pour and scoop.
R is for Roses! My loving hubby surprised me with some beautiful roses a couple days before Valentine’s Day!

Sunday, Valentine’s Day was dubbed “Red Day!” The boys’ faces lit up when I burst into their room and announced that it was “red day!” They knew, whatever it was, it was something GREAT! 🙂

We all dressed in red. We ate off of red dishes. We had red apple pancakes. Okay pink. But they were supposed to be red!

We decorated some Red and pink cookies!

With lots of sprinkles!!

And the boys made rainbow “R’s” for their alphabet wall and for their notebooks, “R is for Roses” and “R is for Racecar!”

R is also for: Running, Race, Rocketships, Rhinoceros, Rabbits, RED!, Rain, Reading, Ready, Rainbows, books “Rain, Rain Everywhere” and “Rumble in the Jungle” (totally thought we had more R books:)

Samuel is very excited for “S” week:) Too bad it’s starting out with “sickness.”


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