Dinos pants and window cleaners

What to do with two little boys who are housebound, yet again?! Samuel still wasn’t up to par today so we decided to keep him home from school again. Hopefully, he’ll be much better tomorrow and ready to go back. Z has turned a corner, I think. He played a little more today which is a good sign and didn’t have a fever. I pray he sleeps tonight!

I made a desperate grocery shopping trip today while the boys were resting and picked up a small “present” for the boys to help entertain them! It’s so easy to peak their curiosity!

“Boys, I have something special for you! (after torturing them through lunch, I finally show them the markers). But guess what? These markers are not for coloring on paper! What do you think they are for coloring on?” (Boys are way too excited to guess anything other than “the wall” or something:) “The windows!!”

This great! We get to sit on the heater AND color on the windows! I wonder if mommy will notice if we color on the heater, too?……

Samuel’s sun:)

I also finished some pajama pants for Samuel tonight! I haven’t been feeling very crafty recently (last month took a lot out of me!) and have a bazillion projects to finish. I finally finished one of two pairs I am making for him. He grew out of most of his pj’s and has to alternate the same 3 pairs:) I found some really cute flannel on sale for $2 a yard at my very favorite store (JoAnn’s!).

He will be so excited when he wakes up!

A closer look at the pattern~dinosaurs:) The other one is trains, which he is most excited about. Who knew pj’s could be so exciting?!

Next on my list…work on my quilt! I may or may not have had that on my goal list to finish by the end of 2009. Ahem.

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