Recipes, Grumpies and Funnies:)

I have a few obsessions in my simple life, just in case you haven’t picked that up through reading this glorious (or not so glorious!) blog:) Chocolate…crafting…and recipes to name a few! I get a daily recipe to my email and have been saving them in a recipe folder. Of course, who actually uses recipes that are stashed away, unorganized in an email folder! And who has time to look for them?! Not I, said the mommy!

Sooo, I borrowed an idea from a brilliant friend of mine and found a very cheap recipe software program to organize my recipes! I found this:

for $5 on ebay with free shipping! I figured it was worth a try. I am still in the process of organizing, as it takes a bit of time, considering I had 175+ recipes saved to my email! I am really enjoying programming them in and adding pictures. I planned 75% of my menu for the next 2 weeks with new recipes I programmed in! I will be sure to share if they are any good:)
As for grumpies, poor poor Zakkai is really struggling to break free of this illness. He really got hit hard. Even though he hasn’t had a fever in 2 days now and is eating slightly better (and by slightly, I mean prob half of what he usually eats), he is G.R.U.M.P.Y. and fusses all day long. He has a horrendous cough, which makes him cry. He is easily irritated, which makes him cry. He can’t sleep, which makes him cry. We look at him, he cries. He barely falls, he cries. Basically, he’s a mess. We even had to postpone his birthday party. So far 3 isn’t a good year for him! Hoping it improves dramatically soon!!!


And to balance out all the sick, germy talk on this blog that I wish I wasn’t blogging about, I thought I would post something to leave you with a smile! I call this “Wii Dancing Men.” Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Recipes, Grumpies and Funnies:)

  1. I've had that software in my wish list for quite a while so I'll be interested to hear how you like it! I also have a large pile of “to try sometime” recipes, but they're about 70% desserts! 🙂


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