Weary Hope

Today I am weary. Weary of constant illness. Weary of people saying, “You guys are sick again?!”, as if we wanted to be. Weary of the constant vigilance being the parent of a sick child requires. Weary of always catching the boys’ sicknesses. Weary of winter. Weary of missing family. Weary. But… Despite the weariness and the temptation to slide into sadness or a feeling of hopelessness, I want to choose to be joyful in the little things. And there usually are little things if you look hard enough.

Today I am thankful for:
*Finding a few extra dollars in my purse so I could treat myself to Chipotle for lunch. Yum.

*The sun a few days in a row. The sun has so much power to lift my spirits.

*Friday. The end of a week. The possibility of a better one coming.

*The anonymous giftcard sent to Ben and I in the mail for a date night! It made me cry and I am so thankful.

*A cat nap. Although I’d like a longer one:)

*Zakkai smiling a little more today despite a 103+ degree fever at 3am.

*Z’s fever breaking and the hope that he really will recover.

*Our rockin’ homemade pizza for dinner.

*No dishes for me to wash for the next 2 1/2 days. It’s Ben’s turn:)

*The Olympics.

*Lysol and Bleach. And Clorox Wipes.

*Tears. Sometimes a good cry can wash away all the grime and weariness that has built up over a hard season and leave room for hope and smiles.

*Dreams. I do have some good ones.

What are you thankful for today?


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