The boys are finally, truly mending! The spunkmeister is back in all his glory; tantrums, time-outs and trouble with a capital T!! It is so nice to see him smiling and being silly again. He is like night and day when he is sick/not sick.

Here he is playing with a new birthday toy from his cousins Jasmine and Sofia, a Zhu Zhu pet. It’s a very strange little hampster that barks, moos and makes other animal noises while zipping around the floor:) Doesn’t Z look a LOT like Samuel in this pic?

Getting a closer look at the hamster.

The “boss” trying to tell Zman how to play!

I just wish I felt as good as the boys! They very lovingly shared their germs with me. But you know what? Despite how bad I’ve felt this weekend, I wouldn’t take back cuddling them and caring for their every need while they were sick. It’s what mommy’s are for! I can only pray, though, that this is the last sickness we suffer from this winter!

Dreaming of Florida in 4 weeks!!!


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