Reverse Psychology

We have a child with a strong-will. Stubborn. Tenacious. Assertive. Adorable. But that’s beside the point. The point is: reverse psychology. Solves everything.

Mommy: “Zakkai, you need to eat some more of your dinner before you can have your orange.”

Zakkai, who was happily eating only moments before, scowls and pushes away plate, “I don’t want to eat my dinner!”

Mommy in moment of genius, “Zakkai, don’t you dare eat anymore of that dinner! Don’t you eat it! I mean it!”

Zakkai with feindish gleam on face, pulls dinner plate back and starts shoveling in food.


Daddy: “Zakkai! Come here and show daddy your new toy!”

Zakkai runs in opposite direction with stubborn look on face. “I don’t want to show you my toy!”

Mommy: “Zakkai, don’t you dare show daddy that toy! He does not want to see your toy!”

Zakkai reverses direction and runs as fast as he can towards Ben, giggling and holds out his toy for inspection.

Do you think reverse psychology will work when he’s a teenager?
“Don’t you dare come home early!”
“Make sure you do everything your friends are doing. I mean it!’
“Zakkai, you must grow your hair out in a long, shaggy fashion so you can’t see out of one eye. I am serious! You may not cut your hair!”
Think it’ll work?

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