3 Year Old Astronaut:)

Yesterday afternoon the Thomas manor was transformed into NASA’s very own Mission Control:) The selected guests entered through a door marked with a “Welcome to Mission Control” sign and were handed a personalized mission training pass “badge” to wear:) Some of them eagerly put them around their necks and others looked at me like I was crazy. And maybe I am….

Immediately all astronaut trainees were enthralled with the blue balloons scattered around the floor. Seriously, if you ever want to entertain a young child who is bored, blow up a few balloons, grab a magazine and relax on the couch b/c they will be entertained for hours! I had Z’s little friends decorate their own rocketships (a.k.a. big cardboard boxes:) with some star stickers. I wasn’t sure how it would go over but they really had a blast decorating the boxes and then taking turns riding in them! There were seriously stars ALL over the floor:)

My wonderful, amazing, generous friend, Danielle, came over to help me set up before the party, saving me many gray hairs! She helped put together another little project for the little ones: little spaceships made out of styrofoam plates and bowls. They got to decorate those with more stars and coloring. Some friends chose to decorate theirs, others threw theirs on the floor (hey, whatever floats your boat!), while still others preferred to color on the black posterboard laid out on the small table.

The menu? Moon pizzas (the infamous homemade Thomas pizza:), Veggies: fire sticks (carrots), glow sticks (celery), and mini planets (olives, Fruit: cut-up Asteroids (oranges), some jiggly Alien stars (green jello!) and for dessert rocketship cake and patriotic cupcakes!!

It was a happy party:)

Friends decorating the “rocketships”

Heather taking a ride! She’s such a sweet girl!

Graham decided to tak a ride, too:)

The birthday boy and his sweet brother eating some food. They were such good boys!

The cupcakes: big ones for the adventurous and mini ones for the “younger” crowd:)
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1~ Blast off!!
The kids were seriously clamoring for some cake and cupcakes. They were like those seagulls on Finding Nemo who say “mine! mine! mine!” except they were like, “Cake, cake, cake, cake!!”

My sweet boy who desperately wants it to be his birthday now so he can have a party, too:)

Z working hard on some chocolate cake! There was nary a peep from him til he licked his plate clean!

Opening his presents from his sweet friends!

It was worth every tiring moment to make such a special memory for my three year old big boy! Thankfully I have 4 months to recover until Samuel’s birthday…….


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