Spring? Is that you? Could it be that spring isn’t a myth after all? Winter is not going to last forever? Long, long days of endless cold, wind, snow and hibernation over? Endless cycles of sickness and weariness?

I really really enjoyed my time outside today, spring. The sunshine, the warmth, the fresh breeze on my face. The children. Oh, did you see all the children outside enjoying you, spring? Please stay, I’m begging you! I was beginning to think you’d never come!

I’m promise I won’t complain when it rains a lot and the grass is a mess of mud. I really won’t mind, if you’d just hang around for awhile. The pure joy on those pale little faces running through the playground was priceless. The pure joy on my pale face was probably priceless, too.

Ah, spring! I missed you!


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