Weekend with my boys!

Weekends go by so fast, don’t they? There is this feeling of freedom and excitement on Fridays and you have the whole weekend ahead of you…..and then 2 days later it’s gone. It’s always just enough to refresh for the week ahead though.

The boys have played SO well together this weekend! From cars to trains, building forts under their little table, riding bikes (in the house:), to Samuel helping Z go potty (yes, a story to come!), they have been buddies:) A nice change from the days they spend yelling at each other!

Drove all the way to school on Friday only to find out there was no school and they’d forgotten to tell most of us! I was a little frustrated to waste an hour of round trip driving time and gas but more importantly, Samuel was really sad and started to cry. It was so hard for him to figure out why we didn’t have school. On the other hand, I am happy that he loves it so much he wants to go!!

And Mr. ‘Tude here, has decided he’s going to potty train himself! We back completely away from potty training him since it was a dismal failure and lo and behold, he has started going! He randomly decided this week to go when Samuel was going to go. He really likes to stand up and pee like a “big boy” and is so excited over the teeny tiny m&ms he gets, it’s funny! Today he must’ve gone at least 5 times! S was very sweet about helping him wash his hands and cheering him on. Of course, his motivation may possibly have been that he wanted m&m’s, too…but still! I’m hoping this keeps up b/c I do not want to buy him diapers anymore!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a special Anniversary post:) I’m hoping to dig up a wedding picture, too!


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