7 Years

I can probably count on 2 hands the pictures of just Ben and I in the past 7 years. Isn’t that sad? We are so busy taking pictures of the boys or scenery that we forget to take pictures of the couple that started this family!:)

7 Years. We read once in a marriage book (yeah, housegroup!) that once you hit 10 years, you know everything and are basically marriage-pros. So, woohoo! 3 more years to go!

It’s hard to believe so many years have passed. I think back to how very young, idealistic, and romantic we (okay, I) were and how a young couple thinks everything will be so wonderful all the time. And for awhile it feels that way! And then real life comes along. But the really great thing about when “real life” comes into your marriage, is that you can choose to allow it to separate you and fight it or you can use it to cling to each other and God and make your marriage deeper and more beautiful.

We don’t have a perfect marriage. Be real people, no one does! But we have a great one. One that has been refined and will continue to be, by trials and hardships, joys and excitement, curveballs and blessings. Our friendship has only grown deeper and we can say with our whole hearts that we are best friends.

We snicker at each others jokes and try to make each other laugh. We get mad at each other and fight through it to the other side. We hug and kiss often to show our affection and love. We gripe about who left the dishes unwashed or who made us all late to church (I won’t mention any names here but…). We learn how to forgive more quickly and more sincerely each time.

We make new memories all the time to add to our collections of cherished ones from the past 10 years. We dream about new memories to come and dust off the old ones. We’ve seen each other’s ugliest sides and most beautiful sides. We’ve seen each other sick as dogs (well, me mostly) and half-dead after surgery, unkempt, poor as a church mouse. And yet here we are.

7 Years. I don’t think I would’ve believed anyone who’d told me on my wedding day what my life would be like 7 years later. I wouldn’t have know then what I know now, that all of the valleys and twists and turns and mountain peaks that we have faced together are what have encased this marriage with silver and gold. I wouldn’t trade any day that we’ve been through.

So here’s to marriage! I’m looking forward to at least 60 more years with my best friend! I love you, Ben!


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