When I saw this I thought..

*There is still a bit of babyness in that face even though he claims he’s all big boy!
*There is orneriness, too!
*Usually that mouth is talking non-stop unless it is eating. Then there is some serious concentration:)
*He can take the un-messiest food and make it messy.
*He is doing fabulous with potty training! Only had one accident today (and a couple dribbles but they don’t count, right?!)
*He can still scream with the best of ’em.
*He is very affectionate and sweet with us.

*He looks like a deer caught in the headlights!
*He also looks like he is pondering some nail-biting idea that rocked him to the core:)
*I wish I had eyelashes like this!
*This boy loves school and is disappointed on “home days.” I’m not sure whether to be happy or sad about that…
*He is getting closer to 5 everyday and I’m not ready to face that!
*He is so routine oriented from his goodnight ritual to the way he gives kisses to how he saves his favorite bite of food for last. Sometimes I will wipe crumbs off the table only to find him bursting into tears because I wiped his special bite away:)
*He is always ready for a good tickle and giggle:)
When I saw these I thought, they are mine and I am blessed.


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