Mr Cool

We just arrived home 1 1/2 hours ago from 2 1/2 hour eye appointments for the boys! Zakkai was recommended to go by his pediatrician and she said we mine as well take Samuel, too. Great fun!

The boys were really nervous going in and we had to promise them that they weren’t going to get any shots or anything that would hurt them. Little did we know that they would have to get eye drops to dilate their pupils that stung! The optometrists “forgot” to warn us of that minor fact which resulted in some amazing screaming from Z and crying from S. Great fun. Oh did I say that already?

At least their eyes are good. They are both a bit far sighted but nothing that requires glasses. For now they are left with crazy looking eyes that hopefully will fade sometime tomorrow…They have to wear sunglasses in the sunlight and bright lights.

Without further ado, I give you Mr. and Mr. Cool.


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