More Florida:)

Well, we are all exhausted here and trying to catch up on the 1 hour time difference we have been “living” in for the past 10 days! The boys seemed very glad to be home today. They really enjoyed playing with all of their long lost toys!

It was a busy day catching up on things: taxes (so much fun), grocery shopping, returning library books and taking Samuel to school. And just like that *insert snapping of fingers* vacation is over.

I had two mini blessings from two frustrating experiences today! That always perks me up. I had a “situation” with the library while we were gone and was treated very rudely (a usual in Chicago) by a library staff member about some movies that I forgot to renew over vacation. I tried to call while we were gone and fix the situation to no avail. But I went in person today and explained the situation to the branch manager who waived the late fines and apologized for the way I was treated! I am very thankful there are still kind people in this city!

And then immediately after, Z and I went grocery shopping. I had everything packed into the bags, into my cart and was swiping my card when the credit card machine froze. The batty cashier kept trying to make me press buttons over and over and then manually tried to enter my card number (while reading the numbers OUTLOUD). And then, even though I kept asking her if there was someone else who could help, she erased my whole transaction!! I was kind of frustrated. A manager came over and had me switch lanes, unload all of my groceries and do it all over again. She gave me $5 dollars off my total for my patience. Not much but hey, $5 is $5!


Now for Pictures!`

Zakkai immediately fell in love with Grandpa Great and climbed in his lap talking him into playing with him. There was some serious etchasketching going on here!

The boys in the golf cart after the Easter Egg Hunt. It was really hot out that day! We were on our way to swim…And no, Zakkai didn’t drive;)

On the way to the pool (after the above pic), Zakkai fell asleep. He zonked out hard and we let him rest for awhile. It’s hard work being on vacation!!

The boys were enjoying the rocking chairs in front of Grandma and Grandpa Great’s House:) Samuel says when he gets older, he is going to go live down there!

The boys in the hotel room on the way back home. One minute they were wide awake asking questions (It’s very hard to settle down in a strange place!) and the next minute they were out! I was up several times in the night to catch Z before he fell off the bed (I caught him the first time, the second he fell off and I jerked awake and put him back in bed. He never woke up…), to get Samuel off of Zakkai whom he was laying practically on top of, to use the bathroom and itching because I am terrified of getting hotel bedbugs.

Maybe I shouldn’t watch those Dateline shows on hotel bedbugs anymore……

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